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Proctological consultation and treatments

Hemorrhoids, anal eczema, fissures, fistulas, polyps, prolapse, abscess, papilloma. Hemorrhoids are an all-natural network of veins in the anus and part of the Schliessmuskelfunktion. If the connection between hemorrhoids and anal wall weakens, a prolapse may form after a short time. The possible symptoms include pain, itching, stinging, blood in the stool or the occurrence of...
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Arthrosis combination therapy

Symptoms of arthrosis:
  • pain on movement
  • a frictional feeling (crunch) in the joints
  • start-up pain, morning stiffness
  • joint swelling
  • decreased motion
A new conventional therapy with amazing results. It consists of a series of injection of hyaluronacid, which is administered directly into the joints combined with oral medication of SAMe (s-Adenosylmethionine) that is given for a few weeks. Hyaluronacid is an essential...
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Vitamin c therapy in high doses

Our body needs vitamin C for the right development and preservation. Application and effects:
  • Vitamin C deficiency
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Vascular disorders (phlebitis, thrombosis)
  • Improve immune function and prevention of age-related diseases
  • Increase the body`s defenses in cancer patients (with chemotherapy or radiation)
  • Antioxidant, that protect the body from free radicals and other toxic substances
  • Stimulates collagen producrion, improves healing, regeneration and repair of...
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¿What is an anal fistula and what is the treatment?

An anal fistula is an abnormal connection between the internal anal canal and the skin around the perianal region. Anal fistula is generated from the anal glands which become blocked and the result is eventually forming an abscess which protrudes from the surface of the perianal skin. Anal...
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