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Proctological consultation and treatments

Hemorrhoids, anal eczema, fissures, fistulas, polyps, prolapse, abscess, papilloma.

Hemorrhoids are an all-natural network of veins in the anus and part of the Schliessmuskelfunktion. If the connection between hemorrhoids and anal wall weakens, a prolapse may form after a short time. The possible symptoms include pain, itching, stinging, blood in the stool or the occurrence of an external, painful nodules (Anal thrombosis).

The proctologist, specialist in colorectal diseases can diagnose by simple anal inspection or digital examination, haemorrhoids . By means of a Rectos- or anoscopy, the degree of haemorrhoids disease be detected and treated accordingly:

degree I-II: itching, discomfort and / or anal pain, blood in the stool (or visible red blood on toilet paper)
degree II-III symptoms as grade I-II as well as leakage of the piles through the anal canal, partially reducible (can be push back again)

In most cases the piles can be treated on an outpatient basis and painless. We have the ability to perform the treatment under sedation and short term intervention (50% nitrous oxide N2O + 50% O2).

The sooner the symptoms of hemorrhoids are treated more gently is the treatment.

The visit to the Coloproktologist and the ano-rectal examination is not a substitute a complete colonoscopy.


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