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Arthrosis combination therapy

Symptoms of arthrosis:

  • pain on movement
  • a frictional feeling (crunch) in the joints
  • start-up pain, morning stiffness
  • joint swelling
  • decreased motion

A new conventional therapy with amazing results. It consists of a series of injection of hyaluronacid, which is administered directly into the joints combined with oral medication of SAMe (s-Adenosylmethionine) that is given for a few weeks.

Hyaluronacid is an essential part of the articulation fluid. SAMe is an active ingredient of the body’s own essential aminoacid methionin; so neither are foreign to the body and therefore there are no risks of side effects and they do not have any detrimental effects on other  medications which may be necessary.

In Clinica La Nucia Dr. Irving Rosenberg, a highly qualificated therapist, surgical specialist and long-time assistant director in Germany, is there with all the medical appliances to give this  painless therapy to ease arthrosis of the knee, hip, ankle and shoulder using ultrasoundsight precision and without the need for radiation.

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