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Sonographic examination: abdomen, prostate, thyroids, breast, uterus, venous and arterial Doppler investigation, legs (veins investigation), carotid artery study, inguinal, Biopsy, punction, PAAF by radio-interventionist of breast , thyroids.

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Bloodtest (recommended once a year), check-up, urine test: urineculture, drug abuse, INR, examination faeces: culture, parasite, fungus, occult blood

Pregnancy test

Tumor markers: CEA (general), PSA (prostate), helicobacter test, sputum examination,

Food intolerance test, lactose intolerance, celiac disease

Genetic analyse,

Hereditary diseases, syndromes, Alzheimer `s, dysplasia, sclerosis, hemochromatosis, molecular haematology, tissue compatibility, paternity test

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